BlizzardCraft is BACK!!!!

So I have finally opened The BlizzardCraft Network once again.

There are many things to do and MUCH more to come.

Things already in place are BedrockSMP, Factions, HypaBlizzard, MissileWars, ParkourParadise, PVP.

The things I got planned are Spleef, CubeRunner, LavaRun, NoDamage, and many more.

The Web Store is also up and you can get ranks for a very low price now.

As low as $3.00 and one (1) rank is *FREE*

So what are you waiting for, hop on the Server.



Spleef Competition

With the opening of TheWoodSpleef Arena, you can now compete in this game for Factions Money and of course FAME!


How to join: Join the server, accept the rules, hop on Factions2, do /shop and get FREE Member Rank, Right Click Spleef sign and follow in-game directions.

In order for this competition to take place the following details will fill you in on what is required:

Name: TheWoodSpleef

GameType: Spleef

Min-Players: 20

Max-Players: 20

Entry-Fee: $10

The reward for 1st place: $125

Other placements have smaller rewards.

Welcome to the BlizzardCraft Site!!!!!


This is where you will come to get the latest updates and news about BlizzardCraft and some ShootCraft (If and when allowed). Let’s get you setup with the basics:

And you can vote for the BlizzardCraft Server at these sites:

If you need anything else contact me.